Discover Clarity and Confidence in Self-Directed Retirement Planning

Introducing the Ultimate Platform for Solo 401(k) Management

Simplify your retirement planning journey with our all-in-one solution, designed exclusively for the discerning entrepreneur seeking the perfect solo 401(k) provider.

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Entrepreneur, are you overwhelmed by the myriad of solo 401(k) providers and unsure where to turn? Look no further! Our unmatched platform is here to bring clarity and confidence to your self-directed retirement planning experience.

With a tailor-made Solo 401(k) plan document and an innovative record keeping system, we proudly stand apart from other providers in the market.

As the one-of-a-kind solution, our platform allows you to:

  • Effortlessly set up your personalized Solo 401(k) plan document
  • Seamlessly manage your investments and track your portfolio
  • Stay ahead of the curve with detailed reporting on contributions, distributions, and loans
  • Remain up-to-date with regulatory changes and compliance requirements
  • Strategize and prepare for taxes, growth, and future distributions

Built to Empower Your Retirement Planning Journey

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Tailor Your Retirement To Your Needs

Customize your retirement planning like never before with the SEPira(k) platform that gives you full control over your Solo 401(k) plan settings, helping you achieve your financial goals with ease.

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Ready to embrace clarity and confidence in your retirement planning journey? Choose our unparalleled platform today and experience the difference!

Our Competitive Advantage

Competitive Pricing

No hidden fees, no jargon. Just straightforward pricing for opening a Solo 401(k), and also RecordKeeping of that plan.

Extensive Integrations

Eliminate headaches tracking investments across different providers, mitigate manual error with deep integrations of today's leading open banking and technology providers.

Learning Center

Every Self Directed Investor on the SEPira(k) platform can access compliance education used by professional fund managers.

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Who is This For?

Self-Directed Investors

Our system empowers you to effortlessly set up your personalized Solo 401(k) plan document, we open an FDIC insured deposit account for you to direct your contributions, manage your external investments with connected accounts that are visible in the SEPira(k) platform, and track your portfolio's contributions, distributions, and self-directed assets with ease. With our user-friendly record-keeping platform, you save time, comply with the IRS and Department of Labor rules and regulations, can focus on achieving your investment goals and maximizing your retirement savings.

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