Who We Are:

Sepira(k) is focused to build the best in class retirement plan recordkeeping platform for the solo prenuer. With over 100 combined years of experience in retirement plan consulting and technology solutions, SEPRIRAk carefully designed a self-administered record keeping system makes it easier for the beginner to the most seasoned retirement plan investor navigate through the complex world of retirement plans. Since contributions to retirement plans are tax-deductible, individual business owners, freelancers, side hustlers, and non-employee businesses can shelter a large portion of their income from taxation. The complex Internal Revenue Code and Treasury regulations that govern these retirement plans have been systematically infused in the design of the system. This is accomplished through SEPIRAk’s carefully curated processes as well education and technical support, making plan administration easier for the small businesses owner. The tax-deferred nature of retirement plans makes wealth building easier with the right investment. The system gives access to common investments such as mutual funds, certificates of deposits and stocks and bonds, while having the flexibility to self-direct and invest in alternative investments such as real estate, private placements, tax liens, private mortgage and more.

Our Name:

SEPira(k) is named after 3 different retirement plans.

SEP•i•ra(k) Prounced:

"SEP" like September
"I" like eye
"rak" like rack

SEP- Stands for : Simplified Employee Pension which is a profit sharing plan where contributions are made to a Traditional IRA (SEP IRA). This plan is designed for small businesses such as sole proprietors, partnerships and corporations.

IRA - Stands For : Individual retirement account (IRA) which allows you to save money for retirement in a tax-advantaged way.

(k) stands for the “k” in 401(k) which is a feature of a qualified profit-sharing plan that allows employees to contribute a portion of their wage at the same time receiving a profit sharing contribution.

Our Story:

Our story starts with our co-founders talking over coffee about how most people who have set up 401(k) plans and IRAs do not know their responsibilities to follow IRS rules and regulations. Without the proper recordkeeping system and support, their investment portfolios in a 401k and IRA end up falling into non-compliance since no one fully understands the Tax law around it. Our CEO knew the pain having blown up his own plan , paid plenty of fees to the IRS and felt the pain. We venture to build a platform that helps people manage the operations of their plan and stay in compliance while building wealth tax-deferred.

Our Target Audience:

Direct to Consumer

The system is available for any consumer (business) wanting to establish a SOLO(k) plan. From plan establishment to the maintenance of the plan, the SEPIRAk low cost solution makes it accessible to all types of businesses. IRA and IRA Based Retirement Plans are also available providing flexibility while maximizing contribution opportunities.


RIAs, CFPs and other investment advisors need to look no further for their SOLO(k) solution. SEPIRAk can make this system available for their clients and help build their practice. The SEPIRAk team can also help integrate with their current systems such as Hub Spot or Salesforce avoiding double entries. Other platforms already in use can also be integrated making the transition easier and smoother.

White Label

Self-directed administrators, Trust Companies, Banks and Credit Unions can put their own brand on the system and resell as an additional product offering for their institution. With SEPIRAks team of developers, white label clients can integrate their own nuances to their product offering to separate their product from the rest.

Our Values:

Security, Fun, Education, Service, Integrity, Pioneering